13 Resolutions to Keep

Each and every year, most of us make resolutions. We stick with those resolutions for a while and then sooner or later- they fizzle out. However, maybe in order to keep our resolutions, they need to be more generalized and then personalize each resolution on a case by case scenario. Here is a list of 13 general resolutions to make this year pleasant:

1. Learning to say no: I have dealt with many scenarios during 2012 where I committed myself to an activity or an event that I wanted nothing to do with. It is important to say no to events, activities, and people that will not make you happy. Why spend time doing something you do not want to do when you can be spending your time doing something you enjoy? It is also important when you say “no” to make sure you are honest. Do not drag on a lie about how you do not want to go somewhere or do something when you can simply be honest and say you do not want to do that particular thing.

2. Continue to re-invent one’s self: Life gets boring when you do the same thing every single week and weekend. No, I am not saying quit your job and start a new one each week. What I am saying, is do not fall victim to the same routine. Switch up your work out routine every week, try different types of food for lunch and dinner, and go to different types of places on the weekend that are not considered your typical “scene.” You never know you may have a lot of fun doing and trying different things. You may find out things about yourself that you never knew existed.

3. Reflecting on your growth: Make sure you always give yourself credit for how far your have made it when it comes to any goal you have achieved. There will be days that you will get down on yourself about anything and everything. Those will be the crucial moments to reflect on how wonderful you are and that it is unnecessary to let an “off” day get you down.

4. Think before you act: Rely on logic and reason before acting impulsively. Wow! Now this is a GOOD one. I actually did not create this one, but someone I know suggested this. I absolutely agree that taking a step back before acting through your emotions will help make many situations less difficult. It is great to take a breather and think through what just happened in any scenario that you go through, even if that situation is wonderful. To sum this one up, keep your cool.

5. The characteristics of your company: Have you ever hear the saying “you are only as good as the company you keep?”  The people that surround you are a direct representation of you. As we grow older, sometimes the company that we once embraced, no longer suites our fancy. Not all of us grow at the same rate or in the same direction. It is important to realize that in the younger part of our adulthood but to also make sure that the people we are around help us to continue to grow. 

6.Forgive and forget: No matter what awful things people do to you on accident or on purpose this year, forgive and forget. Let it go. Is it really worth your time to hold a grudge against someone? Probably not. If people try to hurt you accidental or not, it is just a sign that you do not want them in your life. Forgiving them shows you are a strong person and forgetting them and the situation that occurred, shows that they could not get under your skin because you have better people and things to waste your time on.

7. Dwelling will get you nowhere: I believe I am, and always have been very guilty of dwelling. It does not make me feel better when I dwell on the past or something that has caused me great pain or confusion. However, I continue to think and talk about the things that I find most displeasing. It is weird, I know but it is something I have to stop doing. Dwelling will not change the past, present, or future. It only makes life harder and stops your progression toward positivity. Just like I said in resolution #6, let it go.

8. Have faith: No, I am not asking you to suddenly become religious. However, being a “Debby-Downer” is not exactly a great way to live your life. A little positivity never hurt anyone. Being over confident, is not great either. Staying level-headed and just believing that everything will work out in the end, is a wonderful outlook. Having faith helps you have strength in tough situations and be thankful during fantastic occurrences.

9. Let people in: Have people ever told you, you have a wall up? There is nothing wrong with not telling the world every single detail of your life. However, there are people out there that care about your emotions and how you feel about certain topics. Let those people know who you are and how you feel. The more you open up to those who care, the better you will feel. Your emotions will not end up bottled up and pouring over at some point and time.

10. Be generous: Every now and then, be generous- treat yourself, friends, or family. The smallest gestures of generosity can go a long way. You can make someone’s day by simply giving them a big hug and a smile. Or do a  generous but discreet act by leaving candy or flowers on a co-worker’s desk. You never know when someone will do the same for you (yet, these should be acts of kindness where you do not expect something in return), especially when you are having a hard day.

11. Trust others: See the good in everyone. Trust that people are always being genuine with you. If they are not, karma will come their way, sooner or later. By trusting others, you are showing the world that you do not fear lies because the truth always comes out eventually.

12. Do not judge a book by its cover: It is called respect and common courtesy. Often, we look at people and judge them based off of their clothes, hair, skin color, weight, height, and culture. But why? We, ourselves, hate being judged. As much as we say we do not care, we do. No one likes to be gawked at or made fun of. Try your best, to keep your eyes (and hands) to yourself and realize that we are all different. It is what makes this world so great and unique. There is no reason to judge someone because at the end of the day, you do not live their life and they do not live yours. Worry about yourself, that alone will keep you busy.

13. Embrace life: Each and every year, people pass on. Young, middle-aged, and old- lives come and go. Life is so beautiful but death can be so ugly and cruel. It is crucial to embrace every moment of your life and the lives of people around you. Love every tear, scream, laugh, hug, and kiss. Your life will only be as wonderful as you make it. Life is too short not to embrace it and the people that make your life complete. Make the most of your memories and enjoy each and every year more and more.

What resolutions do you plan on keeping this year?


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