Social TV + Movies

Social television has made efforts to connect television viewers with internet activities that can connect them to their friends and families during a show or commercial they are watching. Recently, I have started to notice as I watch movie trailers whether they are on television or at the movie theater, that there are hashtags and tweets about the movie throughout the entire trailer. The movie industry is not nearly as popular as it was many years ago. People have Redbox and stream new movies from the convenience of their computers. It takes a lot to convince people to go out and see a movie based on the rising price of tickets.

Now that I am seeing the hashtags during movie trailers, it makes me want to jump on Twitter and search the movie that was hashtagged. This will help me to research what real people are saying about this particular movie. A lot of people do not want to read a critic’s long review of why or why not a movie was great. Sometimes, it is nice to see short reviews about the movie that just sum it up as “awesome!” or “absolutely awful.” Either way, the hashtag will help to market movies better and be a great force of word of mouth so that movie lovers cannot hold off until a movie goes to RedBox.

Also, by typing in the hashtag of a movie title, one can access articles about the movie and the actors and actresses starring in that particular film. It is a great way to find out all the information you want about a movie without using Google.

The hashtag is a new way to promote a film, especially during it’s opening weekend at the box office. If the movie gets enough hashtags by movie goers and fans of the actors and actresses starring in the movie, the movie may end up trending in the locally and nationally encouraging more people to go see the movie. This is just another way social television is  trying to integrate television and the internet. Except this time, television, social networks, and movies are being integrated. Would the influence of Twitter persuade you to go to the theaters to see a movie?


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