Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 (According to Me)

As an avid movie lover, it is only right that I discuss the movies of 2013 that excite me. There are a lot of remakes and sequels to hit the big screen this year, as well new thrillers and movies based on popular novels. Let’s take a look at the movies I cannot wait to see.

gangster-squadGangster Squad: Everything about this trailer makes me excited to see this movie. From Ryan Gosling’s accent to Emma Stone once again teaming up with Ryan Gosling. It just seems awesome. For the past couple weeks, I have heard the movie reviews from various radio stations saying the movie was excellent. In addition, many bloggers have said that is was a fast paced movie, which is what I prefer. Unfortunately, Rotten Tomatoes gave Gangster Squad a 33%. The only way to find out if the movies was great or not, is to go and see it! I predict that it will not be the average gangster movie. I think it will have a twist and be a movie SideEffects2013Posterwe can remember throughout 2013.

Side Effects: I have no idea who Rooney Mara is, but all I know is that she looks dangerous in this movie- and I LIKE IT. From watching the trailer, it appears that the movie has to do with a woman taking a medication and possibly becoming a murder or more of a sociopath than she already was. That is just my guess- either way it looks suspenseful and intriguing. Plus- Channing Tatum is in it and it will be interesting to see him play in a thriller as opposed to a comedy or romance. It is about time!

carrie2013Carrie (2013): I am jumping for joy, this is the remake I have been waiting for. When I think back to the original Carrie movie, it was terrifying when I was kid. However, if I was to watch the poor quality of the visual effects now, I know that I would be disappointed. This is exactly why this movie needed a remake! Besides, Chloë Grace Moretz is in it! This fifteen year old girl could not be any creepier. She has haunted my dreams since I watched Let Me In (2010).

World War Z: When I saw the trailer to this in theaters, I was on the edge of my seat. I was so enthralled by the trailer, that I had to re-watch it on YouTube, once I got home fWorld War Z cutdownrom the movies. I am usually not a Brad Pitt fan but, he looks like a born leader in this movie that is ready to save the world from some type of zombie apocalypse. Apparently, World War Z was originally a book so I hope it follows the storyline in the novel and does not disappoint readers!

Despicable Me 2: Now do not think I am crazy, but I recently just saw the first Despicable despicable-me-2Me and I LOVED IT. Everything about this movie was adorable and funny. As usual, a movie would not be good if I did not shed some type of tear at the end (I promise it was a happy tear). From the trailer, which did not give much of a clue as to what the plot is- it seems like there might be an alien invasion involved. Regardless, I am sure it will be a cute movie, but I am not sure how it will top the adorableness of the first one!

What movies are you looking forward to seeing in 2013?

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