American Horror Story: Murder House Vs. Asylum

It seems like just yesterday was October 17, 2012 and I began watching American Horror Story Asylum. Even though I am sad that the season wrap up, I am very excited to see what is in store for American Horror Story 3. Both seasons of American Horror Story have been disturbing, creepy, and controversial. Yet, which season had our skin cringing more?  Let’s breakdown the elements of both seasons to find out which one scarier.

American Horror Story (Original: Murder House):

Each episode took the viewers back to a period of time that took place in the haunted house, specifically what was known as the murder house. A majority of the ghosts and characters were introduced during the glance of the past. It was a great way to predict what would go on in each episode because after it became routine each week that an older time period would be introduced, you knew another character (ghost) would be featured in that episode.

The element of a Romeo and Juliet love story made the first season more than just a horror story. I looked forward each week to seeing the love of Tate and Violet develop. It was also tragic to see the love between Ben and Vivian dwindle. I felt that one of the biggest questions during the season was – can love conquer all? However, it seems that evil was a force to be reckoned with in the murder house.

Evil lived and lurked inside of murder house. Many of the ghosts blamed the house for their destruction. Yet, it  was not the house that tore people and families apart, it was them creating their own demise. Each person that died in that house, had problems before living there that made them bitter, guilty, and angry. Speaking of trouble ridden characters, there was one is particular, who stole the show with their amazing acting.

The cruelest character of them all in the first season was played by Jessica Lange. I could not help but to hate and love her at the same time. She was greedy, conniving, sassy, and brilliant. One would have thought that the strife Constance (Jessica Lange) endured throughout her lifetime that she would have went insane or died. But, she prevailed by staying strong and sneaky. Even with wonderful actors and actresses, there is still one thing this season lacked.

At the time that the first season ended, I am not sure how many fans were aware that the new season would be a completely different story. I could not believe that everyone from the Harmin family died and their new soul purpose would be to keep the living away from murder house. It was cheesy which made me question why the entire season was shocking and mortifying. After having some time to reflect upon the ending, I can understand the reason why everyone needed to die. The only way for the Harmin family to ever be happy again was if they were reunited through death. Plus, we were still given a creepy ending as we watched the demon child sitting in his rocking chair as he smiles down at his dead nanny.

American Horror Story Asylum:

When I first heard that this season would take place in an asylum, I was thrilled. Nothing scares me more than a bunch of psychopaths. However, this season almost had too many scenarios going on to keep track of. There was a dictating nun, a narcissistic pastor, the devil, a nazi scientist, a mass murder that acted as a psychiatrist, aliens, the angel of death, and a nosy reporter. There were many different stories and although they all fit together in the end, it was a lot to keep track of. Let’s start off with talking about actors’ performances.

I loved Lily Rabe’s performance of the devil this season. She was phenomenal, we saw some of her cruel ways in season one as she played the first owner of murder house, but this season she outdid herself. Her transition from a sweet innocent nun to the devil that shows no mercy to anyone was impeccable.  Jessica Lange as the dictating nun was perfect. It was amazing to see how powerful she starts off in the season and how she is slowly conquered. It was karma to see her evil ways come back to haunt her.

Another star performance was, Sarah Paulson, who steals the show this season. Her character was feisty and lovable at the same time. She played a tough victim that refuses to give up until she succeeds and I loved how she continued that behavior throughout the entire season. Besides amazing performances, the biggest shocker of the season had to do with Blood Face.

What shocked me the most this season was Bloody Face being revealed. I could not believe it was the psychiatrist, Dr. Thredson. I was convinced until he was revealed that he was someone that we could consider a protagonist. However, him ending up to be the biggest lunatic of them all (besides his son) was a perfect twist in the middle of the season. Even with shocking twist, turns, and performances, there was still some parts of the season that disappointed me.

Besides too many different stories and conflicts going on during AHS Asylum, bringing aliens into the mix was ridiculous and farfetched. I do understand that Murphy included the aliens because this season took place in the 60’s when alien invasions were something humans were terrified of. I believe it reduced how scary the season was and should not have been mixed in with mass murders and the devil.

I enjoyed the ending of this season more than the first because it gave me closure by how the last episode wrapped up. The flashback to Sister Jude talking to Lana from the first episode made watching the whole season worth it. Sister Jude talks about Lana snooping too hard for what she wants to find out. And Sister Jude says, “If you look into the face of evil, evil will look right back.” I thought this left many interpretations about Lana as a person and what she went through the whole season because she went searching for evil.

After comparing the two seasons, I  believe that season one was a better because it was a more terrifying storyline. People dying in their own home and haunting it for eternity, is just plain creepy. I hope season three will be the best season yet! Which season was your favorite and why?


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