Ten Years From Now…

Every morning on my way to work, I listen to Elvis Duran and The Morning Show. A topic that they brought up a couple days ago really resonated with me. They began discussing how far one another has come in their life whether it involved their relationships, careers, or families. People often say statements like “ten years from now I hope to be doing this or that.”

Ten years from now, I will be thirty three years old and honestly, I do not know where or what I will be at that point in my life because I am at the start of my career and I am still learning a lot about myself each and every day. After pondering about ten years from now, I began to think about where I was ten years ago. Ten years ago, I was thirteen years old- it makes me sick to think that I was at the beginning of my teenage years but I guess that proves how fast time flies.

When I was thirteen, I was in eighth grade and I had the dream of becoming a dentist someday. I continued believing that was the career I wanted to pursue until I hit age sixteen and took my first chemistry class. After that, I rethought what I wanted to do with my life. Back then, if I would have thought to myself where I would be ten years from that time period- I would have never guessed I would have ended up where I am. I would not believe that I ended up going into a career in internet marketing or I would proud to be Jewish (when I was younger I was ashamed of my religion because I was picked on about it) or I would find my amazing boyfriend on an online dating site (it still makes me laugh thinking about it).

Reflecting back on the past twenty three years makes me feel accomplished and excited to see what is in store ten years from now. I think that too often, we come down on ourselves about everything that is wrong in our lives or how something we planned does not always go according to schedule. It is important to realize that everything takes time and will eventually fall into place. That is easier said than done but it really is the truth. Trust me, from personal experience- when I graduated college, I thought I had a job lined up and it fell through. I was mad at myself and the world. I had worked so hard and for what? However, the past nine months have proved me wrong. I finally found my career and I am content where I am right now even though it is not what I had planned for. To sum it up, you will not realize how extraordinary you are or how far you have come until you stop over analyzing your life and comparing yourself to others.

As cliche as this sounds, life is what you make of it and life is too short not to be happy and feel good about yourself. I know I am not exactly where I want to be in my life but that is because everything takes time and I have to work hard before I see the results I am hoping to achieve someday. It is like working out, you cannot expect to lose weight and look your best by eating cake and sitting on the couch (although that does sound wonderful.)  Live your life to the best of your ability and never stop dreaming. As for the future, do not worry about it- just dream for a better tomorrow. And when you need a confidence booster- think about how far you have come in your lifetime and be proud of what you have accomplished. You have done a great job :).

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A recent broke graduate determined to become more tech savvy for a career in online marketing. I am infatuated with fashion trends that my budget does not cover (thanks student loans& the economy!). Currently learning to take constructive criticism and embrace it. Taking each day one step at a time even though my goals and aspirations make my head spin a thousand miles per minute.

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