Fitness Review: Quick Burn Cardio

Denise Austin always has great workout videos that are comprehensive and easy to follow. Her videos are great for beginners. For those that are more advanced, adding weights and doing the moves at a faster rate will help intensify the workout.

Quick Burn Cardio is one of my favorite videos by Denise Austin. In my opinion, it is one of her harder videos because you really do break a sweat. Whether you are doing the interval training or the cardio weight training, you will feel the burn. By combining both workouts you will see dramatic results.

For beginners, I suggest starting off the first few days with the interval training. The interval training requires no weights but a lot of lunges, kicks, and squats are involved. The next few days do the weight training segment. After a week and a half try putting both workouts together for an extreme calorie blast.

Who needs to go to the gym when you have Denise Austin? Let me know what you think of this workout DVD.

Here is a preview of some of the exercise moves that can be found in Quick Burn Cardio: