2013 Predictions

Many marketers are curious to see what will happen in 2013 with social media and online marketing. They have both had a huge impact in the past couple years on how to engage customers and get them to buy on the internet. Social media has helped customers to become more brand loyal and ever get customer service support through Facebook and Twitter page’s of companies. Social media and other forms of marketing are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Since I am new to the industry of internet marketing, I will be curious how digital marketing expands and changes. Let’s check out the predictions for marketing according to socialmediatoday.com. In addition, I want to also hypothesize about these predictions.

The Demand for Online Marketing Will Continue to Increase: Of course it will. With more and more people using mobile devices everyday whether it is their cell phones or their tablets, they want to browse the web by checking the social media networks and starting to shop online. Online marketing will continue to increase because it will be a way marketers can catch the attention of internet users. Through ads on Facebook or any website a user visits, they will be exposed to different brands and companies that they may be personally interested in. In my opinion, in many years from now, online marketing will be more essential than traditional marketing. Of course word of mouth is still the best way that products, brands, and companies get noticed but word of mouth is turning into people giving their opinions on Facebook. With this being said, online marketing will eventually be the leader of the marketing world.

The Content King is Once Again Crowned: I never realized until I became a part of the working world how many internet users relied on blogs to give them the content they need. Not only does a brand or company need content, it needs to be relevant content for their consumers. I believe that content will always reign as king because it is a targeted approach for consumers to have knowledge on a product or service. Content allows consumers to feel more connected with a brand, product, or service.

Our World Has Gone Mobile: There are so many smartphones and tablets on the market- it is enough to make anyone’s head spin. However, this is a perfect way for people who travel or want to lounge around while enjoying the internet time to access their favorite social media sites, do some research, ect. We are living in an age of instant communication and that is due to our mobile devices. It cannot be ignored how much we rely on technology. ¬†Since online marketing is increasing, mobile internet marketing will continue to increase. My only worry for our mobile generation is that weary users may not give into the hype of technological advances. I know plenty of people that still refuse to pay their bills online because they are afraid of having their information hacked. The same weariness¬† will occur with mobile users. This may scare many older mobile users away from buying on their smartphones or tablets.

What are your predictions for the future of marketing in 2013?