Best Commercials of SuperBowl XLVII

The SuperBowl ads are what most people are anticipating if they favorite teams are not playing in the game. This year not only was I not impressed with the game (keep in mind- I know pretty much nothing about football), but the commercials also bored me. However, there were some diamonds in the rough that made me laugh. And if you can make me laugh- then I consider that decent marketing. Here are my top choices of SuperBowl XLVII commercials in order of what I felt was the best (funniest):

1. Honestly, nothing makes me laugh harder than a screaming goat that has had his Doritos taken from him. I love how Doritos let the fans vote on the best commercial. In addition, I am really impressed that these were FAN-MADE commercials. This was a great way to engage the lovers of Doritos. 

2.  I found this GoDaddy commercial to be repulsive but I am infatuated with their tag line “When sexy meets smart, your small business scores.” Also, they used Twitter to engage the fans with the hashtag #TheKiss. I am sure there were some pretty interesting hashtags last night but I will allow you to do that research yourself ;).

3. Oreo was ahead of the game this year by using the social network Instagram to get users to choose a side – cream or cookie? Kudos to them for thinking outside of the box and using one of the newest and most popular social networks to brands. Besides that, I love the irony of people fighting/agruing while whispering in a library.

4. There are a lot of great elements that were incorporated into this commercial. I thought it was clever that the tag line “Live Mas” inspired Taco Bell to decide to have the background music (“We Are Young” By FUN) play in Spanish. Using old people to break the stereotype that Taco Bell is not only for the young and rebellious was also an ingenious idea. It also represented that just because your old does not mean you cannot enjoy the delicious goodness of Taco Bell- especially late at night.

5. “Come back when you have a team.” All I can say it was an awesome way to present the seven passenger Hyundai Santa Fe while spicing it up with humorous kids involved.

What were your favorite SuperBowl XVLII commercials and why?