Winter Skates and Breakfast Dates

Most of us that live in Cleveland will tell you there is nothing to do during the weekends in the winter. Although I love this city, I have to admit – it does get pretty boring during Saturday and Sunday. Of course when I was in college, it was the same bars and clubs to look forward to every weekend but now that I am in the working world, that too has become redundant. However, my boyfriend and I decided to compile a list of things we could this winter to create memories (we are adorable- I know). Two weekends ago we tackled two of our winter activities and let me tell you- we had a blast.


Our first stop of the weekend was the Wade Oval Rink in University Circle. In general, University Circle is a hidden gem, there are so many beautiful attractions such as the park and delicious restaurants (so I hear). During the winter months, the Wade Oval Rink opens up to the public. If you bring your own skates, it is free, if you choose to rent, it is $3. We went during the day around two o’ clock. There were a few families when we arrived but it was not over crowded, which was nice. However, when we stepped onto the ice we realized just how small and unpaved the ice rink was. I am not an expert skater so I was shaky starting off and the unpaved ice definitely contributed to my difficulty. Although that was a huge fault of the rink’s, we did not go there because we were looking to professionally skate, we went for the novelty of outdoor skating in the winter. As we skated around the rink, there was music playing and kids laughing- it was a beautiful sight and I loved every minute of it.

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After our adventure to the Wade Oval Rink, the following morning we went to breakfast in Tremont at Lucky’s Cafe. As we entered, the place was packed- I could tell it was family owned and friendly. Considering how crowded the restaurant was, I was expected to see a spectacular menu that left me drooling.However, as I read the menu during our wait for a table,I was not overly thrilled with what I was reading. Yet, I did find something that sparked my interested. Once we were seated,ordered, and our food was brought to us, I could not be more wrong about not being enticed by everything on the menu. The food around us looked deletable and our meal was a slice of heaven in my opinion. I savored every last bite. My boyfriend and I have a tendency to split our meals so we will order something we both want to try that way we will both receive half of something we wanted to eat.I am so glad we did that because what he ordered, which was Lucky’s infamous waffles- were to die for. I got sausage biscuits and as my mother would say, they were enough to feed an army. I could go on and on about how this was the best breakfast of my life but I will let the pictures do the talking for me. I will definitely be adding Lucky Cafe to one of my favorite breakfast spots in Cleveland. The only thing that I will warn you about, if you decide to try breakfast here is that it is a bit pricey but it is beyond worth it for the amount of food and quality service you receive.lcs

luckyscafe luckycaf flower

If you are from Cleveland, are there any places you would suggest heading to during the winter weekends?